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Our expertise has been gained over many years, with successful installations in the processing of various waste streams, including Plastics, Wood, Household Waste (MSW), Commercial & Industrial and Construction & Demolition type wastes in both the UK and overseas where we have had to design our systems to handle waste of varying qualities. The systems that we install for waste recycling will recover as much high value recyclables as possible or produce a high quality RDF/SRF suitable for both Cement Kiln fuel and Energy from Waste markets. However, our expertise really shines when we are tasked to do both and we have great experience in the blending and production of fuels from solid waste, maintaining good fuel quality whilst balancing the need to have high return from recyclables. We have developed real-time systems to ensure that the balance between recyclables recovery and high quality fuel production is met at all times. If plastics, wood, biomass or industrial waste are your problem then we have shredding technologies to help you maximise your return and divert these materials away from landfill. We have systems from one-step, granulation style shredders, through to small and large scale wood shredders that are capable of downsizing all scrap woods, boards and timbers as well as producing a consistent sized wood fired boiler feedstock. We also supply a range of cubing systems capable of handling sorted industrial waste as well as biomass, which offer many cost savings compared to pelleting plant. We manufacture and supply our unique range of patented TS Tyre Recycling Systems, capable of producing a 20mm steel wire-free rubber chip from car, 4x4 and lorry tyres and we can also install granulation systems capable of producing <4mm rubber crumb with many cost and performance advantages over our competition. We have access to the most advanced machinery in the marketplace.Our experience in Designing systems that really perform has led us to have machinery tailored to suit specific waste recycling processes and applications, therefore making the system bespoke to you and your particular waste recycling needs. S4R is not allied to any one manufacturer, therefore we have full flexibility in our design to utilise new and innovative technologies to ensure that the long-term performance and profitability of your plant can be maintained. Designing a system in perfect straight lines with plenty of access is easy. However, we look at the layout in a realistic way knowing that few clients have the perfect premises available and often we are required to fit plant in to less than conventional spaces within existing buildings. At S4R we can show you systems that have been 'shoe-horned' in to tight spaces without losing functionality or maintenance access. Our design team will work closely with you on piecing together the ideal system and work flow for you to process your waste stream and produce highest quality results. Our systems are designed utilising the latest in 3D software, allowing you to "walk through" the plant before committing to build, ensuring that all areas of the plant will accommodate your exacting requirements. Walkways will be where you want them, access for maintenance will be easy and cable and pipe runs will be optimised to keep costs to the minimum. Our systems are truly turn-key. Our skilled team of mechanical and electrical engineers will install your system in a professional, organised and safe manner. We will commission the system, train your operatives on the safety, usage and day-to-day maintenance and cleaning of your system - backed up with full engineering service and spares support. We can offer planned maintenance contracts on a fixed price basis and if you would prefer to have an extended presence on site by our team then we can offer a full Operation & Maintenance contract for your peace of mind, ensuring that when we do leave site your team of operatives will be fully equipped to deal with the daily running of the plant. Control systems can have remote link to the PLC so that operational faults can be analysed remotely which can result in plant outages being fixed without need for our engineers to visit site. We strongly believe in developing and maintaining an open and honest relationship with you as we are interested in the long-term relationship, as we have with all of our customers.

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